Installing on TurnKey Linux LAMP

I have posted build notes for installing and configuring Omeka 1.3 on top of Turnkey Linux's LAMP stack (11.0), Ubuntu Lucid.

I came to Omeka from hearing about it on WAMU's Tech Tuesday.

I intend to create a patch to bring TKL's LAMP to a fully configured Omeka 1.3 instance.

The build notes are available at . The patch, and the derivative ISO and virtual machines will be available there as well.

Great, thanks for sharing!

There may be no comfortable way to answer this - but are there plugins that are well/best-suited to a turnkey Omeka solution?...or, are plugins best left out of the turnkey solution, and left to the end user to determine? I'm anticipating the question by the two TurnKey Linux developers who could conceivably consider adopting a TurnKey Linux Omeka appliance, and I'm hoping to have an answer ready for them.

Since even any extra Omeka plugins you may add to your distribution won't be installed or activated by default, you can choose to include more than the few that ship with Omeka without worrying about performance.

However, one issue you might have is that plugins can release more often than the core software. So, if you pick some extra plugins to include, you may have to keep up with updates more frequently.

In any case, you should definitely include the plugins that are shipped with Omeka: Coins, ExhibitBuilder, and SimplePages. I think that the choice of any additional plugins is probably best left to the individual users.

Thank you, that clarifies a lot. The standard plugins will be included.

TKL patch is complete. The patch, the patched ISO, and the virtual machines derived from them can be found at . The patch has been submitted to TurnKey Linux at this thread . My hope is that TKL will adopt the patch and incorporate Omeka into their appliance library. I encourage upstream developers to post to this TKL thread, they encourage participation from upstream.

Some good signs regarding the Omeka appliances at About 55 hits for the virtual appliances and 48 for the ISO.

Unfortunately, we haven't had any feedback, so we don't know whether to assume they work fine, or that any problems showing aren't being report. We hope we can safely assume the former is true. But if anyone is willing to test and offer feedback, we'd welcome all you have to offer.

Great work,
Rik Goldman