Installing on Amazon AWS

Hi folks,

I have been doing some searching for info on installing Omeka on Amazon's AWS cloud service. Does anyone know of anyone who has done it and / or written it up?

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Are you trying to run Omeka on an EC2 instance, store your files in an S3 bucket, or do some other combination of those things (or other AWS services)?

Hi John,

I'm trying to run Omeka on an EC2 instance.

I'm not very experienced with servers or different flavours of Linux so am muddling through at the moment. There are a few tutorials online for installing Wordpress on an EC instance so have followed those and I'll see how I get on.

The server walkthroughs on don't quite match the Amazon Linux instance I went for.

I don't have any specific questins at the moment. I won't get to try anything else until Wednesday morning (GMT), I may post a follow up query after that.

jumpbox dawt com has an Omeka option. We are looking at them for EC2/S3

Does anyone have an update on using AWS for Omeka? I'm looking into using amazon RDS for the database, but I'm fuzzy on how that interacts with S3 for uploading media from within Omeka. Any advice on first steps would be appreciated.

There is an Academic AMI that has been put together recently, that will allow for Omeka + Neatline.

I haven't tested this out, and not sure if this will help you, but there are some instructions about connecting EC2 storage with an AMI.

To whom it may concern: I am running Omeka on AWS but so far without using RDS (the database is local).