Installing Omeka 2.0 on Ubuntu 12 from Terminal

I just finished creating documentation on installing Omeka 2.0 to Ubuntu only using Terminal. The current install instructions leave a lot of stuff out in terms of installing using Terminal. I found that with my instructions (which are based off the instructions for installing 1.1 on a VM) will let a user install Omeka 2.0 by copying and pasting 90% of my code examples.

How should I submit this? I think it can really help people install Omeka 2.0

The best way would probably be to edit the Ubuntu instructions on the Codex, or create a new page for them.

The Codex is a wiki, so you can just make an account and create the page yourself.

I think creating a new page would be best, but I don't see a create page option.

Where would that be?

Thanks for you help

Edit - figured it out. Thanks.

Here it is -

Thanks for contributing!

Those definitely are detailed instructions. We'll make sure to link it from the other install pages.