installed and activated Dropbox plugin prevents adding and editing of items


during a migration of a test-installation of Omeka between two different shared web hosters I encountered the following error which seems to be caused by the dropbox plugin.

When the Dropbox plugin ist active and the "folder" file in the Dropbox directory is NOT writable, it was not possible to add new items or edit existing ones. The deletion of items, however, was still possible. After I made the "file" folder writable, everything worked fine again.

Any idea why that is happening?

Regards, Matthias

Obviously the Dropbox itself won't work unless the "files" folder is writable, but it shouldn't be breaking the Items form outright if it's not writable.

I believe the plugin is trying to simply show a warning message. In older versions of Omeka, errors were often converted to user-displayed warnings, but that's no longer the case. The Dropbox plugin's own page should correctly show a user-visible warning or error (rather than breaking).

Hi John,

it actually doesn't brake the Item form at least not in the sense, that the form doesn't open at all. Instead, it shows up correctly and one can add or delete all the necessary data. However, when it comes to saving the modifications the error you mentioned occurs.


Please make the following dropbox directory writable: */omeka/plugins/Dropbox/files