Install screen doesn't appear

I have gone through all the installation steps (about 10 times) and cannot figure out why I'm not getting the install screen when I go to my URL. I am using Go Daddy for domain name and server space. For some reason, though, my FTP client won't connect when I use my URL ( as a hostname -- I have to use the FTP address Go Daddy provides. I've also tried uploading through Go Daddy's FTP, but still no luck. It shows the files uploaded, but no install screen. So I think the problem has something to do with uploading the directory to the wrong place -- but I can't figure out how to solve it. Any advice would be much appreciated!

That sounds like it is a matter of the domain name not propagating through the net yet. If you bought the domain name very recently (usually a couple hours, but sometimes longer), it takes a while for the domain name to be recognized by all the various servers between your computer and GoDaddy.

If it has been a while, that might be something to double-check with GoDaddy

Hmm. I've had the domain name for a few months. I will check with GoDaddy. Thank you!