Install Omeka on Nginx


I would like to install Omeka on Nginx server.

Whn I try to install, Omeka say the server can't on Rewrite Enable but my server used nginx.

I found this tips for install Omeka on nginx :

But I don't know if it's a .htaccess files or linux conf files.

Do you have some documentations ?

Thank for all,

Hi -

It is an nginx configuration file and would be located under the /nginx directory.


Thank you for your answers, in fact it's more strange. My admin sys explain our server used Apache for database and nginx for static files.

Apparently, it's necessary to transform this informations : in a .htaccess files for authorize Apache to understand URL rewriting.

Do you know how it's possible ?

Thanks you.

If I understand correctly, by 'Apache for database' you are using Apache to serve your PHP while files while NGINX handles static files.

If so, you would still use try_files as in your original link (, but hand off PHP to Apache.

I've never tried this myself, but it sounds a lot like this fellow here:


Thanks for your answer but it's a little difficult in fact !

And the "code" is for server file configuration and my admin sys say "only in htaccess".

If I have an omeka ever install and configured, can i try to changed repertory like here :

Because i'm not sure to have stuff to make special server files like this :