Inserting Images into Exhibition

Hi there-

We're having an issue getting our manual insertion of images through HTML to save. We're adding:

<img src="" alt="Women Get AIDS Too">

directly to the HTML editor, and it shows up for a second, but then when we hit save, it completely disappears. What's up with that? Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Hmmm... You might want to check in the security settings to see if you are filtering your HTML -- that might strip out the input.

Thank you so much!!! Should have just posted earlier. That totally fixed it. Now our issue is how to change the image associated with the exhibition on our collections page. We want to use an image that isn't from an item... Any advice? Thanks again.

That one is a little harder. It's not possible to swap out the images on the collection browse. You would have to do that with some significant custom theming work.

I've got an experimental plugin, MediaBuckets, that _might_ help. If you want to experiment and see if it really is useful, please let us know.

Please help me in this regard