InnoDB instead of MyISAM

I've only just noticed that Omeka creates tables with the MyISAM storage engine when installing even when the default storage engine is InnoDB.

For various reasons I would prefer to use InnoDB therefore I would like Omeka install scripts to respect the default setups for my server.

Therefore, would it be possible to remove the following from all .sql files?


Unless there is a reasons for declaring a specific database engine, character set and collation, this line should be removed.

At least one table in Omeka currently needs to use the MyISAM engine, because it creates and uses a FULLTEXT index. All the other tables should function equivalently with InnoDB.

We're currently considering changing our declared storage engine, but, as you've seen, we do declare the UTF-8 character set and collation for our tables, and that's unlikely to change.