Info about Extended Dublin Core plugin?

Hello, looking for some information and help with the Extended Dublin Core plugin and whether is worth adding? Unfortunately, I am coming onboard to an Omeka project after the fact, so at the moment, I don't actually have the ability to install or edit any of the plugins. I am just tasked with gathering info on whether this might be feasible.

The concern that I'm trying to address is whether installing the extended Dublin Core plugin will "mess up" or affect any of the items' metadata that have already been entered, or will it just (as I hope) allow us the flexibility in the future when adding new items to take advantage of the full set of Dublin Core elements and refinements? The description for Extended Dublin Core on the plugin page would make it seem like it just adds on to the current element set, and therefore wouldn't alter any of the previous item records, but I'd love to confirm this is true. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!


Yes, saved data are not affected by the installation of the plugin. It adds simply new fields to fill in the items/edit form (that is new elements that refine the element set Dublin Core).


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management