Index Records process seems to be stuck.

Before I left work last night (5pm), I hit the "Index Records" button so that all of my pre-3.1.2 Exhibit text would be indexed. Today, that process is still listed as "in progress." When I run ps -p on the PID listed, nothing shows up. Out of curiosity, I hit the button again--the new PID doesn't show up, either.

It seems to have made it through all the Items okay, but froze at the first Collection. I have everything but Files checked for indexing. There's nothing in Omeka's error log.

Any ideas?

Maybe coincidentally, I've had some recent problems with collections, too! There might be a plugin interfering, so maybe deactivate plugins that work on collections and try again. In my case, it was CollectionTree.

Looks like, at least in CollectionTree, I had the same problem with indexing. There's a fix that should take care of it.

If that's not it for you, likely it's another plugin with the same or similar problem. The deactivate/reactivate game should help us narrow it down.


Thanks, Patrick! Deactivating CollectionTree did the trick.