Increase length of description for featured exhibit?

Hello, Can anyone tell me how i can increase the length of the displayed description text in a featured exhibit box that i have showing on my home page using the Berlin theme?

You'll have to copy /plugins/ExhibitBuilder/views/shared/exhibits/single.php to /themes/Berlin/exhibits/single.php

around line 5 is this line
<?php echo snippet_by_word_count(metadata($exhibit, 'description', array('no_escape' => true))); ?>

snippet uses a word count of 20 by default. You should be able to change this by adding an integer after the metadata call.

<?php echo snippet_by_word_count(metadata($exhibit, 'description', array('no_escape' => true)), 100); ?>

Thanks for the reply!

Your suggestion worked once I put the integer into the /plugins/ExhibitBuilder/views/shared/exhibits/single.php file not the theme file.

However it doesn't keep the formatting from the summary page. So for example if I have two paragraphs in the description that are separated with a line break, this line break disappears on the featured exhibit box and displays all the text together in one long paragraph. Any idea how I could fix this?

It didn't work in the theme folder because I have you the wrong location, whoops! It should be in /themes/Berlin/exhibit-builder/exhibits/single.php

Sorry about that! I strongly advise against making any changes directly in the plugin, as they will be overwritten whenever you upgrade.

The snippet_by_word_count function strips all HTML from the text, so there isn't a way to preserve line breaks while using it. If it didn't, there's the possibility of breaking the page containing the summary by catching an opening tag in the snippet, but not the ending.

Sorry that location doesn't work either. Thanks for the info about the HTML formatting. I can work around that. Cheers