Incomplete XML outputs

Hi Omeka community!

We want every metadata field in our database output in one XML document, to which we plan to apply an XSL transformation as part of a plug-in we are building for radio producers.

OmekaXML has all the fields we want, excluding the Dublin Core fields (with the exception of "Language," which someone makes it into the OmekaXML output).

Is there an easy way to get XML output that includes all the fields? I have seen other posts that mention building a feed using the Zend framework, and I know there are plans for an Omeka API this summer. But the existing OmekaXML is so close to what we want!

omeka-xml should contain all item metadata. It does not include elements that are empty. Is this not what you are seeing?

Strangely, of the six DC fields we're currently using (title, date, contributor, duration, format, language), only "Language" is outputting in omeka-xml. We're getting all of the item type metadata, though. Any ideas?

That's strange. What's the URL to the item in question? What Omeka version are you using?

Here's the URL:

We downloaded Omeka 1.4.2 and upgraded a few weeks ago to Omeka 1.5.


You've discovered a bug! Read about it here. We'll get to it as soon as possible. Thanks.