Incomplete search index/results


I recently updated a site from v. 1.5.3 to v. 2.1.4 and there appears to be a problem with the search functionality. My search results are empty unless the item was added very recently (though all items were added pre-update). I've tried re-indexing the site but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks -- E

I should add that the old-style item-search (e.g. items/browse?search=MYTERM) works as expected.

It's the multi-type search that is failing, e.g.


Do you notice any variation in results with different search terms? There are some quirks in MySql search, like if a term appears in a certain percentage of the records, it gets ignored.

In my tests, I've been picking terms that are relatively rare (e.g. the word "agora" appears in only two items, including the title of one item; the old search returns both items but the new search returns none).

It seems like the search results are limited to just a small handful of items and files. I thought it was only indexing the most recent items, but it's actually just a few items that are recent but not necessarily the newest additions.