Incompatibility of Omeka 2.0.3 and Scripto 1.3.1

We recently installed Omeka 2.0.3 which works fine until we added the plugin Scripto 1.3.1. Adding the latter made Omeka no longer work. We read on the Scripto forum that the new version of Omeka is not compatible with Scripto. Anyone have any knowledge as to whether they'll work together in the future? Thanks so much.

An update is planned, but we can't yet offer a firm (or soft) estimate on when it will be ready.

Any updates? We're just starting up a site with Omeka and really wanted to use Scripto but I see it's still not compatible. Anything we can do to help?

Yes, expect an upgraded Scripto plugin in the next week or two. We'll make an announcement once it's available.

Many thanks for the update

Jim, just checking in. Our team is very eager to get started and I'm considering rebuilding our Omeka install using the earlier version just so we can get going. But if Scripto is close (days?) we'll wait. I'd like to start on the newer version of Omeka AND Scripto if possible. Thanks for all your hard work, we're very excited to use this tool and plugins!

The plugin is just out of testing and will be available by the beginning of next week. I'll push to have it available earlier.

WHOO HOO!! That's great news. Thank you!

The plugin has been upgraded and is available here (v2.0):

WOOHOO!!!!!! Thanks Jim!

Yes, Thanks for getting it out before the weekend!