Including tags in a keyword search?

Hi there,

We're working on getting omeka set up for a historical project that we're working on, and some of our librarians have been dutifully tagging and describing items in our collection. However, one of the librarians just tried to search for a tag she knew existed on an item, and nothing comes up when she searches by tags. Are tags not included in the text of a keyword search? Is there a way that I can make this so? It seems useless to have tags if the results don't show up in search!

Tags are included in the keyword search.

If the tag was very short or very common (appearing in 50% or more of records) then it might have run up against some common restrictions with the system we use for keyword searching.

Ah! Is there a way that I can modify the search so that I can include short tags, too? This particular tag she was searching for was just 3 letters long, so I think that might be it.