including omeka inside a div of another site via include()

hey guys (and girls, etc.),
im trying to call omeka from inside a div, which is called by a superior site. to make it more plastic:

/web/site renders all kinds of stuff, sidebar, header, footer, etc.
when clicking on <browse> it opens a div called 'content' which calls to:
(via include())

i know that sounds kind of absurd, but lets just say, i figured it to be the nicest method. anyways, inside the div, nothing appears.

i presume thats because omeka relies on some actions, which have to be processed, before anything else is going to be rendered to the site.
am i right?

and if so, with a bit of tweaking, you cats think that stuff'll be possible?
and if thats so, which functions do i have to process beforehand?

Not exactly sure what you're working on, but here are some folks who have integrated Omeka with Word Press sites: