Improve Comment plugin


I would like to let administrators communicate with a commenter via the admin interface if the user has entered an email adress. I've added the following to the file

Line 55:
+if(!empty($comment->author_email)) {
+ $authorText .= " [author_email."\">".$comment->author_email."]";
echo $authorText;

Would really like this to be added to the original source file linked above.

If possible I would also like the "Item" object type to be localizable via a __() function call:

Line 59:
<?php echo __('on'); ?> <?php echo __(get_class($record));?> '><?php echo $label; ?>

Thanks in advance!

/Daniel Lind

I'm a little hesitant to add the link directly, since that seems a little unusual to me for commenting systems to switch to email. But, it makes sense to display the email address and then let people do what they will.

The lack of localization is an oversight, and will also get fixed.


Ha! I admit it's a little bit 90's to include a mailto link. =) As long as the e-mail address is visible, I'm pleased.

A natural improvement would be to include a response funtion within the plugin. Someone interrested? ;-)