Importing Zotero collections into Omeka


I am currently creating a database and hoping to use both Omeka and Zotero. I have compiled all of the information I want using Zotero and noticed that there is a plugin that can import Zotero collections into Omeka pages. I downloaded the plugin, but am having difficulties getting the Zotero import tab to pop up in my omeka admin interface. Are there any additional steps that need to be completed to make sure the tab appears and is functional?

What version of Omeka are you working in? The Zotero Import plugin is not updated for version 2.0+, so that might be causing the problem.

I am currently using 2.0. Thanks for the tip, I will try downloading an earlier version.

I downloaded the older version of Omeka and a bunch of my files transferred over, but didn't register any of the information. So I've got 300 blank files on my page. Any suggestions? Seems like a step in the right direction at least.

I'm interested in the answer to laurencfrisch's issue. I'm in a similar situation myself.

So, you ended up with 300 items in Omeka, but there is no information like title or description, but files were imported and added to items?