Importing via OAI-PMH

in a project we are currently planning a service provider for a specific subject and we want to harvest other repositories via OAI-PMH. This should work with omeka and its harvester plugin. However, we do not only want to harvest/import the sets provided by the repositories but also like to harvest all other interdisciplinary and subject related items from other sets of the repository. We thought of some sort of filtering the sets (e.g. according to keywords, etc.)
Can this be done with omeka and if so, how can it be done?

Thanks a lot for your help,


Currently, the harvester can only either harvest a repository in its entirety, or harvest a specific set (which can obviously be repeated to harvest several sets).

Your best alternative, if there's no sufficient set specification on the repository you're harvesting, is to harvest the entire thing and filter the results yourself.

We're interested in any features you think the harvester plugin lacks. Are you suggesting keyword filtering on the names of the sets themselves, rather than the records? Keyword filtering on a record level, of course, is really outside the scope of OAI-PMH.

hi john,
thanks for your quick response. the problem is, that without filtering the articles on a record level i would not be able to get interdisciplinary items that are not within my harvested sets. how would you solve this problem?
Thanks, Paul