Importing users

We have a large collection catalog that we just imported into Omeka using the CSV Import plugin. That worked out well.

However, each item is already associated with a contributor, each of whom already has an existing username, password, and other profile information within our current system.

What is the best way to import the whole lot of our users (and their associated information) into Omeka at once? Is there something akin to the CSV Import plugin that can import users instead of items? Is importing the users directly into the database the only way to achieve this?


You can import their names in your CSV file, and map that to the contributor field. You cannot, however, import their user names and passwords to work with Omeka. You will have create new users for each of them if you wish for them to be Omeka users.

Dear Sheila,

Is possible create users through an batch operation? An PHP script, or SQL commands sequence to insert new users in database?


Divino Ignacio

There's not currently a way to batch create new users, other than directly writing to the database or creating a plugin to do that kind of work.

Bump. Has anyone made any progress on this?

I have to add about 70 students to my site, and I'm not looking forward to manually typing each one.

In theory, you could use Omeka's API, but I don't currently know of a ready-made script that could take something like a spreadsheet and using the API to create users

Even better would be an option to interface with our uni's NetID system. I can do this with a Drupal extension. But I haven't figured it out for Omeka.

Do you have a link to the Drupal module that you are using for that? Someone might be able to use that as an example to work from, if they want to try porting it for Omeka.

Sure. I'm using custom code, but it's similar to this.