Importing items as records in neatline

When importing items to a neatline exhibit, the date field is not pulled into the Simile "date start" field. Is there a way to remap that field so it does not require hand entering those dates for use on the timeline?

Also, when importing items from omeka, Neatline's hyperlink in the title field leaves off our local information (e.g. the result is ""/items/browse" instead of "").

Therefore, clicking on any of the items on the timeline leads to an error rather than linking back to the item page in omeka.

My team and I are experiencing the same problem with importing dates from the Omeka DC "Date" field into SIMILE Timeline in Neatline. Though formatted in ISO 8601, the "date start" field is empty. Having automatic transfer is ideal in our case because we're working with a lot of contributed data from the public.

Unfortunately this isn't how the import works. It's really limited to the view of the data, not the Neatline and Timeline controls. It would be good to capture this as a feature request though (

If you're brave, I can share some SQL that would populate this information with all the scary caveats that go along with direct SQL manipulation of the data...