importing files with CSV plugin from local file path?


We are having problems importing files with the CSV plugin. I can import the metadata without problems but when trying to import also the files from an URL is giving a 500 error.

I was able to import without problems from a previous installation of Omeka in Dreamhost but the problem is with a new installation in our server, and the IT staff can´t find which is the problem. We can import files one by one (without using the CSV plugin), but for large collections of thousand of files this is not ideal.

I have seen in the thread:
that nancym had found a solution by reading from a local file path instead of reading from an URL. However, I have tried the piece of code that she gave but it is not working for me.

I was wondering if this feature could be added to a future version of the plugin. I think this could be a great improvement because it would also avoid having to FTP a large amount of files to a web location if we already have these files in our local machine.



Could you post a few sample URLs from the CSV file, just so we can try some things on our end?

Hi Patrick,

Here are some examples. As I said in my previous message, it works in other installations in Dreamhost but we can´t make it work in the one in our server:

Papel del contexto socioeconomico y cultural en el rendimiento educativo,Javier Gil,
El arte como vehiculo de significados sociales,Lourdes Mendez,
Andalucia y el cine durante la Guerra Civil y la dictadura franquista,Julio Diamante,

Thanks....I'm not quite sure what it might be. Was there any additional information in the error message?

if not, the next step might be to turn on error logging in application/config/config.ini and see if more info gets into the log at application/logs/errors.log

Hi Patrick. Thanks for trying to help me with this.

The error message is only saying that "The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request."

After turning on the error logging, the log only give the information:
DEBUG (7): [CsvImport] Item import loop started at: Dec 16, 2011 9:54:49 PM
DEBUG (7): [CsvImport] Memory usage: 12392800