Importance of PHP 5.2x or greater

Our servers run PHP 5.1 and we are unlikely to upgrade to 5.2 in the next short while. What are the implications of running Omeka with 5.1?

Hi ewb,

Others have asked about the requirements and this post seems to be the most relevant:

We have not been testing in anything other than PHP 5.2 so cannot verify Omeka's effectiveness in 5.1x but there is a work-around that another user tried (in the post linked above ) that might be helpful for you too.

Please let us know how things work out.



Hi ewb,

I don't know enough about PHP to know what possible issues might exist, but so far it's all good and we've been working on our site for a few months now. We're not using a lot of plugins at the moment, just DropBox, COinS, and Sitenotes. All are working well. We did test the Contribution plugin and that seemed to work too.

Just follow Dave Lester's post in the link Sheila Brennan provided and it should work. By the way, we're using PHP 5.1.6.