Import XML on Omeka

Hello everybody,

I'd like to import omeka-xml item.

I have 2 omeka account, but one is done. So I would like export my items on my other DB.

Please, help :)

(Sorry for my english, I'm french)

No one can help me, plz ?

One option is to use the OAI plugins.

Install the OAI Repository plugin on the site you want to transfer data out of:

Then, install the OAI Harvester, to import that data:

The OAI-PMH protocol doesn't transfer files so you will want to copy the files from /archive directory into the Dropbox and associate the files with the appropriate items:

Or, if you have access to the database and the archive directory of the first Omeka site, you can point the new installation to the original database using the db.ini file (or copy it from the old site into the new one), and then copy the entire /archive from the old installation to the new one. (The steps are very similar to the upgrading process: