CSV Import with Arabic Fields

We are attempting to import a CSV file containing Arabic characters. Although the CSV is saved as UTF-8, the Omeka CsvImporter does not import it.

It will start to import, but will return the user to the "Upload a CSV file" screen without taking them to the "map fields" screen. We have enabled error reporting, but no errors are printed to the log or to the screen.

Can you share a link to the file that's giving you problems, or a portion of it?

Server-side settings on your server running Omeka could be causing the file not to be read as UTF-8, but I'd expect to see garbled characters after import if that was the case, not that you would get thrown back to the upload page with no message.

Have you checked the PHP and/or server logs for your system (rather than the Omeka log)? Something like trying to upload a CSV file greater than the maximum size your server allows would cause a problem like this.

I have checked my logs, but perhaps I do not have the appropriate error level set.

Before I muck around with those, here is the file.


It is only two columns, two rows so it is not a size issue.

The CSV you posted is two columns, but actually seems to have a large number of blank rows, with one row with actual data.

Anyway, the file you posted worked fine for me. This seems to confirm that this problem varies from server to server.

Hello ahankinson!

Have you found out what was the problem on your server? Is there any up-to-date instruction from the Omeka team as for the proper configuration of UTF-8 issues on the server in order to have CSVImport working properly with UTF characters?

I am experiencing the same problem.