import to solr and seaech by omeka

I have installed solr-search plug-in and it is connected to solr.

but i have a question. if i import some data into omeka core of solr directly (without omeka); can i search on data sets that direct imported to solr with omeka solr-search? can this happening theorically?

i tested this operation and got confusing result.

1) if i import data into omeka and data was indexed by the solr through omeka, searching on this data will be successfull and we will get correct result.
if searched keyword exists-> related item will be showed.
if keyword not exists -> nothing will be showed.

2) if i import data to solr omeka core directly(without omeka), and search one of that data for example searching title, result is error. error detail is below:

Mysqli prepare error: Table 'omeka1.omeka_s' doesn't exist

(note that search has performed by solr-search plig-in. url is:
http://localhost/omeka-2.3.1/solr-search?q=*** )