Import to - via CSV - from own PC (new user!)

From a very new user: great system - it works for me - EXCEPT - I've got to be doing something wrong, and something very simple, on the CSV Import.

If I'm bringing only Data fields in - from my CSV - it works. Just dandy.

BUT when I specify a path on my PC, to bring in a .pdf file, using the same spreadsheet that worked to load various fields, - the importer skips the records and nothing loads.
(the message reads:
Imported: 0 /Skipped Rows: 0 / Skipped Items: 1

I thought my path was too complicated - too "deep" in my folders - so I moved the .pdf to the Desktop, and set up the most simple of all requests to load: one row, with one data field (Title), and the path to the file on the desktop.

Success? Nope. It is still skipping even this midget record ... so I have to be doing something, or doing something block-headed.

I can't fined a sample CSV - if I could "see" it I would probably learn what I am doing wrong.

Again - I'm going to the ,net so the problem has got to be on my end.

Best to all you 'helpers' - I can see that this is a good and tolerant group - thanks for the help -

here is the simplest of all CSV's that I am working with now. If I can get this to work, then I have a shot of getting my real data to work. Thanks
2010 CH2M - App A,C:\Users\Frank\Desktop\TheTest.pdf

If you're running Omeka on a web server, the path to the files must be permanent URIs available online. Omeka can't read the path to your desk through the CSV Importer.

So if there is no work-around for this - I'll have to use "Dashboard" "Items" "Edit" "Files" right?

Funny thing, the Importer reads my CSV very well to get the process started - too bad it can't read the locations of my actual content files.

Well, thanks for the prompt reply, even if its bad news!

Best - Frank