Import to Dspace

Hi! I'm wondering if there's a way to import a database created with Omeka into Dspace.

Should I use OAI?

You could install the OAI-PMH Repository plugin and point a DSpace harvester to your Omeka installation's OAI base URL.

Right, But will this also grab the files? I want to import the records and the files. How do I do that?

What documentation I can find indicates that DSpace will only harvest files if the provider supports OAI-ORE, and the Omeka OAI repository plugin doesn't support OAI-ORE.

So, signs point to no.

Note: you may not have noticed, but the last post in this thread is a year old. You're almost certainly better off starting a new thread if anywhere near this amount of time has passed.

right on thanks I was just trying to keep the conversation in the same place.