Import links to outer sites

I try to import links of items I have on other site that I migrate to omeka. While I was able to make it work for files after looking for relevant topics here, I can't find anything about links.
The idea is to have links to other sites that talk about the topic at hand.
For example, I have a link to the site, I want it to be on the topic of examples, is it possible?


Are you looking to have these links appear in the navigation, as Omeka items, or someplace else?

I want the links to be part of the items I put on the site.
I saw (after I posted the question) that it's possible to make that a link by working through the edit item, but I have a lot of links to put on the site so I rather do it automatically if possible.

I think it's not possible.

I believe the current CSV Import plugin cannot import HTML (and also mark it as being HTML so we don't escape it).

You could use a particular Dublin Core or Item Type field as a workaround, by just importing the URL, and then handling that field specially in your theme, building a link around the URL instead of just printing it bare. Your links would probably all need to have the same text, or would need to pull their text from some other piece of metadata on the item.