Import KML files or Custom Google Map

I'm hoping to use Omeka as the CMS for an undergraduate DH/HASTAC course project that draws together historical images, videos, and contemporary GIS data on the ecosystem of a historically significant waterway.

The geolocation plugin seemed ripe for this project, particularly its ability to geolocate the photographs on a map.

I had "expected" the plugin would include some simple KML/KMZ import functionality, something that would enable us to import the scientific data (invasive species, nesting grounds, etc.) collected into the map and to then overlay additional data points marking geolocation of historical images. I'm not finding it. (I do know there's a kml file generated by Omeka, so export to another map is always an option. But that takes a visitor out of the exhibit.)

(I actually thought I'd need to tie the Google map pulled into Omeka to a user-specific G map.)

An alternative, it seems, might involve the ability to embed a Google Custom Map into an item/page in Omeka. This wouldn't put the images and scientific data on a single map, probably, but it might enable us to get the data to display on a navigable Google Map.

Third (worst) option, it seems, is to create map images from the GIS data and to present them as items in a "health of the river" exhibit.

The neatline plugin "may" be a solution/tool, but I'm reluctant to start piling on plugin after plugin without a clear sense that it can get me what I'm looking for.

The Geolocation plugin ties location data specifically to items in Omeka, so any import would have to create items, too. There's no tool or plugin that will import KML into items that way.

It's also worth noting that geolocation allows only one location per item. It sounds like what you are describing might call for something more complex than that?

It sounds to me like exploring Neatline might be in order for what you are looking for.


The single location/item restriction isn't a problem for the project.
The GIS scientific data is extremely precise, so there's no overlap there. And the geolocation of images is flexible enough to permit slight adjustments, if necessary.

I managed to embed a custom map into an Omeka simple page, which then shows in the main nav (or in a subnav structure), leading me to explore such moves within exhibits.

I can embed a map of this sort on a page in an exhibit. (Provided HTML check is off in Security settings AND the iframe code snip is pasted in via the HTML window.

This will work just fine, I think.

Thanks a bunch.

Neatline looks really promising for the historical maps aspect of this project, but I just don't think we can really do that work in the time available.