Import from Zotero?

I wanted to see if there is a plugin in development for Zotero to Omeka. I'm particularly curious because I have a set of documents with the metadata already in place, that I'd like to share as part of an Omeka collection. If the plugin is still in development or awaiting development, I wanted to see if anyone had a preferred method for migrating content from Zotero to Omeka without needing to copy every field manually.

Thanks for your help!

I'm curious to know if anyone out there is working on this, too.

I've been planning out (no actual code yet) a plugin that would import RDF data into Omeka, and since Zotero exports RDF if I can figure it out, I suppose it would do the trick.

Come to think of it, taking a stab at just a Zotero RDF importer (as opposed to a more generalized on) might be a good starting point.

But like I said, it's all still on the drawing board, so if others have something working probably better to go with something closer to, you know, existing! :)

There is an unreleased and unstable plugin that imports Zotero metadata and files into Omeka, using the existing Zotero RDF export:

We are waiting on the Zotero team to update their export schema before we continue developing this plugin. We'll keep you posted.

Hi Patrick--

Thanks. As Jim said, we have stalled on our Zotero import work, but if you wanted to push things forward, we'd be very supportive. You may run into the same problems we did, but any headway you can make would be welcome.