Import from CollectiveAccess?

A colleague is setting up an online museum using CA, but it isn't easy to use and runs very slowly on our shared server. I'm looking at using Omeka as an alternative and would like to know if we can import our data from CA. Thanks, Mike.

It will mostly depend on how the data in CA can be exported. Omeka has an OAI-PMH Harvester plugin that would allow ingesting into Omeka that way, if CA can provide the data and files.

If a CSV file can be generated, the CSV Import plugin can import data that way.

If those don't quite do the trick, and if you have a developer available, the release candidate of Omeka 2.1 includes a very versatile API for importing data. We expect the official release of Omeka 2.1 within a few weeks.

Thanks for the reply. You can tell I'm a novice at this! I don't find CA easy to use and there doesn't appear to be an Export facility. I can dump the database to a CSV file but it is massive and I don't know what Omeka would make of it. I'm the closest we have to a developer so I think an API is out of the question (c:


Yeah, the straight database dump to CSV would be nonsense to Omeka -- it would require a lot of work to get it into something Omeka can understand.

When I read through some of the documentation for CA I think I saw that making an OAI-PMH endpoint was on the roadmap. That's probably the place I'd look around to see it exists and will work.