Import Error

We had already imported our items via cvs import and xml import plugins when we were working locally.

We just have installed Omeka in our server. But the import is not working anymore.

We are getiing an error message saying "the file exxeds the defined ini size".

Any help on this please?

That sounds like the maximum file size in the server's php.ini file is smaller than the import file.

I'd try either changing the value in php.ini, or breaking the import files into smaller parts.

My xml file is structured so I'd rather change the php.ini
Where can I find the php.ini in the server?

That will be a question for your server admin or hosting provider. Often, they'll be able to duplicate the default php.ini file and make changes that apply only to a particular directory. Some hosting providers do set a maximum that they'll allow, though, so that will be something to check with them.