Images washed out

When linking to full sized images, there is an issue with the images being completely washed out. On the item view page, the images look fine. Here's an example of a problem image:

Any thoughts?

Any and all help is appreciated!

At a guess, there's some kind of corruption in the file headers which is causing web browsers to display the images in greyscale or black and white. When I resave the file in IrfanView, the image loads correctly (both with and without the original EXIF data--my first thought was that it was the ColorSpace value, but that's apparently not so). You might be able to fix this by manually running imagemagick's convert (with no compression) the files/originals directory.

sheepeeh's definitely on the right track. It seems that browsers aren't good at reading your original image, and it looks like the culprit is the embedded color profile.

Firefox can read your image correctly, but only if you manually go and enable ICC v4 color profile support.

As sheepeh said, you could run convert or another tool over your originals, or you could re-export them using, for example, Photoshop's "Save for Web." Or, you could leave the originals as-is, since there's nothing necessarily wrong with them, but I wouldn't count on the browsers to improve their ICC support any time soon.

Hi All,

Thanks so much for the input. The fix suggested (via ImageMagick) worked.

Much appreciated!