Images in HTML


I have an image that I've added as an item. I've created an exhibit page called Chronology 1830-2015, which consists of a block of text. I want to put one of the item images into the text. I'm doing so by copying the direct link to the item image, and inserting it into the HTML. It appears fine, but I'm wondering if this type of direct linking allowed?


Today when I visited the page, the image link was broken. It's still actually in the HTML, but the image does not appear. Is this type of linking not allowed? Thanks for your help

Have you tried using a Shortcode? ( - scroll down to files).

Thank you.

I am using a free account and tried short codes, but it didn't work. I notice on the Web Services Shortcodes page, it says Web Services Shortcodes don't work with the free accounts. Are Shortcodes and Web Services Shortcodes 2 seperate things?

Thank you

I failed to notice it was an exhibit page - shortcodes only work on SimplePages.
You should contact support, as they can give you advice specific to your plan.

Thank you. I failed to notice it was not a simple page, as well.