Images in Exhibits

I’m building my first omeka site, and I’ve been reading the forum to see if it’s possible to insert an image into an exhibit that is not an item in my archival collection? Simple pages has a helpful HTML editor bar that the exhibit pages or the default home page do not. I’ve tried imputing the html image code as well with no luck. Is there any way to get these outside images into my exhibit without uploading them as items?
Thanks so much in advance!

Exhibit Builder should have an editor bar, though it doesn't have as many buttons as the one for Simple Pages. On the far right of that bar you should see "HTML" in blue. If you click that, a pop-up box with the HTML code will appear, which is where you can enter code by hand. Entering it in the rich text editor converts the greater- and less-than symbols into HTML entities.

Thanks for your prompt response! Yeah I try to use the HTML code for my images, and once I return to the non html screen my images appear in the text. However, once I hit save page, the image (and code) are nowhere to be found.

Any other hints?

If they show up before you save the page, then the problem is most likely your security settings. Go to Settings->Security and look under HTML Filtering. If the Enable HTML Filtering option is checked, img must appear in the Allowed HTML Elements box.

Thanks so much! It worked!

We are using the hosted site - would like to add html code to resize an image in the description field for exhbits (using that as an introductory page to the class exhibits). Image width size appears to be 500px before it runs over the page links, but I can't seem to be able to edit or add width= When I hit save as the user above did, nothing saves. I also do not see security under settings.

Questions about should go directly to their contact page.