Images, Images and Images

Frustrating because all I want to do is use some images to display on my intro page. We are using the Emiglio theme, and I have our images in the images folder. But to start with I cannot get an image, for example, to appear in our header--not as a background image. I found a previous forum response that said to use something like
<img src="<?php echo img('sample.jpg'); ?>" />
but that does not work.

Sorry to hear you are frustrated.

For an image to appear in the header, you must edit the header.php page in the /common directory in the theme.

Then add a call for the specific image (saved in the /images folder in also in the theme) in the header.

<div id="header">
<img src="<?php echo img('thanksroy-sm.jpg'); ?>" />
			<div id="site-title"><?php echo link_to_home_page(); ?></div>

You may also want to be sure that the image is the exact size you want it to appear in the header. There is no resizing once uploaded.

Also, if you are using Omeka version 1.2, the Season themes have a place to upload a logo. All of the themes will soon be configurable in the admin panel, but for now you must do it in the header file.

Good luck.

Thanks much for this bit of code. I finally got it to work when I figured out that there was a permissions problem with the folder in which the images were in the theme.