Images don't display on Omeka on Reclaim Hosting

I recently migrated an site to an omeka site hosted by Reclaim Hosting and all of the images that showed up in the items and exhibit now show up as URL links that take the user to the image. I've installed the Derivative Images plug-in and it appears that the ImageMagick directory is correct. Anyone have any advice for getting the images to show up?


That sounds like the derivatives weren't created when you moved things over. You can double-check that by peeking in the files/fullsize directory to see if anything is there. If derivatives were made, there will be files there.

Have you already used Derivative Images to reprocess all the files?

I had that happen with another person and I had to do a re-import and it seemed to work the second time. The original URL submitted for the API import was https and I used http instead, although I don't know if that had anything to do with it. The second time I imported for the person it just seemed to work.