Images don't display after migrating to a new host

I'm trying to get an existing Omeka install to run on a new host and it seems unwilling to display exiting images from the old instance.

I followed the "moving to a new host" instructions without problems. Then realized I didn't have ImageMagick installed on the new host, so installed that.

The "Test ImageMagick path" button says it now knows where ImageMagick lives.

When I upload a new image it displays properly, but the existing ones never show. The overall entry appears without error, just missing the image. Clicking the link to the image gives an error like this: "404 not found: URL /omeka/archive/files/4079e7543a640437f870b363d1b8959f.jpg"

This is RHEL6, apache 2.2 php 5.3.x Omeka 1.3 (I plan to upgrade when 2.0 arrives)

thanks for your help.

Bobb Menk
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library

Ok, hand me my dunce cap! The error was correct because I forgot to copy those image directories from the old host to the new one. Now that the images are actually on the new host all is well.

Bobb Menk

Glad you figured it out and that everything is working as designed!