Images and movies on SimplePages

My site uses several pages made with the SimplePages plug-in in order to show a lot of text as well as some images and movie clips. However, I haven't been able to hit upon the right directory path to place these images/.mov files. I know the path will be different from the path to images for pages within my theme (since the plug-in folder is outside the theme folder), and I have tried pointing both a plain HTML tag (<img src=""> and PHP (<img src=<?php echo img(''); ?>) at the files in different places, with no luck. Any ideas where I should store/how I should point to images I want to appear on a SimplePage? Thank you!

(Note: I have the option to filter code with the HTMLPurifier unchecked, so that isn't a problem.)

If you're just linking to images/movies/whatever in a simple page, the folder for those files should in the root of your install. So, you could have a 'images' folder at the root of your installation (at, for instance), you could use the following code in your SimplePage:

<img src="" />

You'd put that code in your SimplePage text, and if the path is right, it'll work just fine. You can call that folder whatever you want, so long as it doesn't replace any of the other folders that come with Omeka.

Doing this, you wouldn't use the theme helpers to get to display that file in your SimplePage. Because you'd be using a custom folder, Omeka won't know where those files are.

Hope this helps!

Yes! Thank you very much for your help.