ImageMagick path problem on LAMP

Hi, I've read some topics in this problem, I was tried to solve my problem, but I'm on wrong way.. please help.

I'm installed Omeka 2.3, setting up mysql datas, and others. Everythings work fine, except the image files handling. Here is'nt thumbnails.

Now I created a test.php with this code:

        echo shell_exec('/usr/bin/convert -version');

This working fine, but if I set /usr/bin/ value to the ImageMagick Directory Path it does'nt work.
This said: the ImageMagick directory path works. But if I load up an image I get Omeka has encountered an error message.

When I set this up:

SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development

I get this error message:
exception 'Omeka_File_Derivative_Exception' with message 'ImageMagick is not properly configured: invalid directory given for the ImageMagick command!' in /var/www/.../application/libraries/Omeka/File/Derivative/Strategy/ExternalImageMagick.php:83

Is there any way to set up this on web ui? Or any other way to hard code into the omeka files the right path?

Do you have PHP's open_basedir or safe_mode settings on? These settings can prevent PHP from reading certain directories and cause false errors like this one.