ImageMagick - Install process from scratch

I'm extremely new to Omeka, and I don't know if I'm on the right path with getting ImageMagick working.

I downloaded it from, then unzipped all the files into my Omeka installation's plugins folder via FTP. Now how do I know what the correct dir. path is, or have I done this incorrectly already?

Is this a machine, server, or virtual machine you control? What operating system are you using, and if it's Linux, what Linux distribution?

You can (eventually) install ImageMagick by downloading the source from there, but the process is quite a bit more involved than you'd think, and it doesn't involve putting any files in your Omeka directory.

For basically any Linux distribution, there's a package manager that can handle installing ImageMagick for you. For other operating systems, you should be able to install pre-compiled binaries or an installer.

i've installed imagemagick on a local machine (Windows 7) on which i'm running omeka and scripto on AMPPS, just for testing. However, the Imagemagick Directory Path test fails. IM runs just fine on its own as an exe.

Should I be installing IM somewhere in particular? Should I be formatting the path some particular way?

I was able to get ImageMagick to work once I switched to a hosted solution and could just direct Omeka to usr/bin.

Omeka need a special ImageMagick release?.

My host provider says that ImageMagick is installed in the UNIX VPS server... and we did many changes in the path parameter but always the test returns "Fail"...

Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance for your answer

Omeka doesn't need any special version or release of ImageMagick to work.

If you're sure you're giving Omeka the right path, the culprit for this problem is usually some odd server configuration (for example, you might not have permission to execute the ImageMagick files, even though they're installed).