ImageMagick help for Godaddy

Not being a techie, Godaddy supports Imagemagick on Linux. They're usually tough on a bunch of stuff but Imagemagick is there.

But I am not getting thumbnails on jpg uploads. I don't know what I can do. Can someone direct me to how I can check/debug, or what I should tell the Godaddy Helpdesk?

The convert path to ImageMagick, version 5 on our servers is:

The convert path to ImageMagick, version 6 on our servers is:

Have you tried editing your General Settings in the Admin, and putting "/usr/bin" or "/usr/local/bin" for your Imagemagick Directory Path?

You should also make sure that the file permissions for your archive directory are correct. The server needs read and write permissions to the archive directory and all subdirectories.

Some SFTP clients like Transmit allow you to right click on a directory (like the archive directory) and change the file permissions for it and all of its subfolders.

Alternatively, you can SSH into your server, go into your omeka directory, and change the file permissions for the archive directory by using the chmod command like this:

chmod -R 775 archive

Let me know if this helps.

Sometimes it's so simple it's complex. FOLKS, scroll down to the bottom of the page for the general settings, put in the path and click the TEST button. Yes also make sure the ARCHIVE directory and all its subs are 777.

It did work. Thanks. Now off to the next problem.