ImageMagick, Fink, Mac OS X etc


I installed Omeka on my iBook G4, in order to test it. I installed ImageMagick thanks to Fink ( convert is in /sw/bin/convert. I can use it directly from without any problems. But Omeka is stil telling me that ImageMagick is not properly configured. In the settings, I wrote "/sw/bin/convert" without the quotemarks.

iBook G4, Mac OS X.5.4, Fink 0.9 updated, MAMP (Apache, MySQL 5, PHP5), ImageMagick 6.2.8

Is /sw/bin in your Apache environment's path? I'm not sure if that would be the cause of the problem, but you can try it out and see. You can figure that out by looking at your phpinfo dump and looking at PATH under the Apache Environment heading. Let me know if adding that directory to your path solves your problem.


thanks for your answer. I followed the instructions on that page:

I managed to add /sw/bin in Apache's PATH environment.

Unfortunately, it did not solve my problem.

Is there something I missed in the ImageMagick installation? a mod something that has to be installed?

Is it possible to use images in Omeka (I'm just testing it) without ImageMagick?

EDIT: After looking at some webpages, it is probably impossible do configure ImageMagick to work with the MAMP's Apache version.

Very interesting. Could you do me a favor and post a link to the pages that said it was impossible to configure ImageMagick with MAMP? Thanks.

Hi. Here are some links:

- (in French),
- (in English)

It seems I could get Omeak to work with Apache/MySQL/PHP/ImageMagick compiled from Fink or MacPorts.

I gave up Fink, MAMP etc.

I'm now using Mac OS X's Apache,'s PHP5, MySQL compiled from source, ImageMagick compiled from source, compiled from source. I changed the php.ini file in ordre to tell PHP that it can use

And omeka still says me: "ImageMagick is not well configured".

This time, convert is in /usr/local/bin

I strangelly can't manage to change the path of the apache's environment.

OK, I found the problem.

I read this thread on the same forum:

On line 347 application/models/File.php, you I changed $path . ' -version' to just $path.

And Omeka works!

Good to hear that you got it working, though it's too bad that MAMP doesn't play well with ImageMagick. Let us know if you need any more help with anything!

Here's how I was able to get Omeka working with MAMP and ImageMagick

Hi guys;
Although it may seem off-topic, but I am experiencing problems installing ImageMagic on Mac. My problem is I do not want to have everything as I only need convert, but I can't run convert unless I have installed everything else. How can I get that done? I could build the source for Windows but I am not a Mac user, so I am not sure what to do?
Your time is appreciated...

The Mac OSX binary release of ImageMagick is available for download here: