ImageMagick File Path Error

I have a fairly new install of Omeka 2.0. I have uploaded some images but none of the thumbnails are showing and I get an error for ImageMagick.

"The path to ImageMagick has not been set. No derivative images will be created. If you would like Omeka to create derivative images, please add the path to your settings form."

I get what it is saying, but how do I find the path? In the General Settings, the field for the ImageMagick path is empty. I searched the server for the path and could not find it. I am assuming that ImageMagick came with the Omeka install and I do not have to install it separately. Perhaps that is not the case, I don't know. I appreciate any help or tips. Thank you!

ImageMagick is actually not something that comes with Omeka. It is a separate application for working with images and various other file types to convert and/or transform them.

Unless you are administering the server, it isn't something that you would have to (or be able to) install yourself. That's something that the server admin would need to install.

It's a fairly common thing to be available on most server setups, though, especially most hosting services like ReclaimHosting or BlueHost.

You'll probably want to ask your server admin or hosting support what the correct CLI (Command Line Interface) Path to imagemagick is. When you enter it, hit to 'test' button to double-check that it works.

Ahh... Thank you! I will see what I can find out from our server admin.