ImageMagick fails to upload image files

Hi there,

The past two weeks I have been struggling with trying to resolve the following problem: installations of Omeka 2.1.4, which had been working quite well and without incident, quite without warning no longer allowed superusers to upload image files. The creation of metadata still works and otherwise the site functions as normal.

The error code returned is "ImageMagick failed with status code 1. Error output: libgomp: Thread creation failed: Resource temporarily unavailable" followed by several (23) lines of actions.

I have enabled a global installation of the imagick extension in the php.ini file for the entire host site, but wonder if I need to do so for the specific subdomains. Any and all help suggested is most welcomed by this relative newbie.


I should add: the main user of one of the Omeka installations adds that she can upload images under 60 KB, but nothing higher. Might this variable offer an additional clue?