image thumbnail

I've just started building my site with Omeka. Right now when I add an item, it only displays an icon. Only when I click through can I view the item when it is full size. What do I do to allow it to display thumbnails?


If you're just seeing our built-in gray icons, that probably means that Omeka's not making thumbnails for the files you're uploading.

Do you have ImageMagick installed? What happens if you click the "Test" button in the Settings panel next to the setting for the ImageMagick path?

Here's what I get when I test:


The ImageMagick directory path works.

bmp files are working other than the Scripto page (no display there).

This issue has now been resolved. The issue was related to imagemagick not installing the jpg converter. We had to go out and find the jpeg library and compile it. Then install ImageMagick.