Image size constraints

I've recently downloaded Omeka for a class project and cannot figure out why my images are resized into squares. Does anyone know how to get around this?

Omeka automatically creates several kinds derivative images from any archival image you upload to an item: square thumbnail, thumbnail, and fullsize. the sizes for these are set when you first install Omeka, and you can edit those sizes in Admin > Settings > General in your Omeka install.

In your public themes, you can display the thumbnail instead of the square thumbnail anywhere the files are displayed. For example, in item/show.php of your public theme, you can change the display_files_for_item() function to read:

<?php echo display_files_for_item(array('imageSize' => 'thumbnail')); ?>

This will display thumbnails derived from the entire image instead of the cropped square thumbnails. square_thumbnail is the default value for this function, but you can change this to either thumbnail or fullsize, depending on your preference.

Hope this helps!

Jeremy you are wonderful to offer this suggestion so quickly. Many thanks!


Can you point me in the right direction to correct a sizing error message I receive when I try to add image files to item records? I cannot get my images to post within my Omeka site.

My images are sized at 1050 x 750 ppi and they are jpegs. When I try to add a file, the message I receive indicates that image derivatives have not been sized properly.

I've adjusted the maximum pixel dimensions several times in "Settings" up to 2048 ppi. Is there a way to resort back to the default sizes or do I need to resize my images?

I was able to download one of my images, before I began changing the image settings several days ago. (even though, as noted in my previous post, the the image was displayed as a square)

Thanks if you have any suggestions.

Okay, this was a great direction and it worked perfectly for me! EXCEPT for the "Featured Item" thumbnail. I went to the index.php and made the change, but the thumbnail stayed square. Any direction? I'm using the "autumn" theme.