Image rotation issues on Mac (EXIF data)

I am working with over 1,000 image files, many of which I rotated so that text can be read top to bottom. On my Mac the images display the correct rotation, but once I upload to Omeka (or even the server) the original un-rotated image displays.

Is there a way for Omeka to ignore the EXIF data, which reads the original format?

I tried uploading my image on a PC and it displays correctly on Omeka. This may be more of a request than an issue, unless there is an easy change that can be made in Omeka that can ignore the EXIF data.


Actually, it seems I would want Omeka to read the EXIF data that contains the changes I made to the images, so it can read the proper rotation desired.

I found that opening my image files in Safari shows the actual state of the pixels (un-rotated). This problem seems to attract attention on the Apple Discussion Forums

The best way to fix this is going to be by using a program that saves the rotation as a change to the actual pixels of the image, not just an EXIF tag.

Omeka and browsers both won't read that tag, as you've noticed.

I'm not sure what program you used to do the rotation, or if it has an option to "really" save the changes it makes.