Image Preview Question


When associates and I upload an image to our Omeka, it doesn't show up in Firefox-- no preview and no apparent space to click to get to the image. In IE, one of the small white boxes with the red x shows up, and clicking on that will take a user to the image. What gives?

Is there something we can do to make the images available in Firefox? We are interested in having the exhibit we're hosting via Omeka be accessible to IE and Firefox users.

Thanks for the help anyone can provide!

Are your items public? If the items are not public, the images will not appear in an exhibit, even if the exhibit is public.

Sounds like you might be having a problem generating derivative images: the thumbnails that should be showing up on those page.

Make sure you have a working copy of ImageMagick installed and that you've set the correct path to it in your site settings.

Hi Sheila, John-- thank you both. Really appreciate the speedy response to my initial post! The images and exhibit are public.

Getting thumbnails is exactly what we're looking for. Sorry to come at this so uninformed, but would ImageMagick have been a part of the Omeka (1.5.3) I added to my website, or is this something I need to get somewhere else and add to the file manager of the website separately? In what folder of Omeka, if the latter is the case?

ImageMagick must be installed on your server, and is part of the requirements we have listed. There is also a link to information on running ImageMagick:

Hi Sheila,

We're using Hexahost (on the list of recommended hosts if a server is not available, linked on the page you provided--nothing there about ImageMagick; thank you for the clarification). Where should I put ImageMagick to get the previews to display?

You should get in touch with them and check to be sure that they have it running and in the correct place.

Then, the best place to test the ImageMagick path is correct by going to the General Setting and clicking the Test button.